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Perfect 10, Inc. v., Inc. - Wikipedia entry

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It's funny to stash links to Wikipedia with no notes. How did this come up?

Funny in what way... because of the lack of a specific context by the OP? or funny because it's semi-incorrect/incomplete to do so? or funny because it's Wikipedia (the most trusted "unofficial" reference site)?  or...? 

I figure the Stash group is usually enough for context, but you have a point: I do find that posts where you include an excerpt make it more convenient for the person coming onto the stash to glean the meaningful info.  But also sometimes HOW we end up on things is just as interesting (I've wondered for years if that could be something, the TRAIL we use to get to something - often indirect, interesting). 

HOW:I was looking up the origin of Amazon cloud services aka AWS because I got blasted about their upcoming AWS conference.  At the bottom there is a company profile summary which I don't usually pay attention to (but now I will), and I clicked on Perfect 10 v. Amazon, not realizing it was THAT Perfect 10.  haha.

Re: Perfect 10 v. Amazon/A9/Google

Ruling provides insight into "Transformative" Fair Use, and how Google succeeds/gets away with it.


Maybe you can comment on how/why an ecommerce/retail website like Amazon decided to expand into Services.  I mean, obviously the 2003 paper by Pinkham and Black is a point, but is there any more?  I was aware of Cloud Computing as a distributed computing concept proposed at the military/federal level in the 90s (trying to find the links)

Update on History of AWS:

>> Oh.

So it literally was an expansion of internal services...

I'll create a new stash.

Yes, funny because of lack of context in the OP. And I'm glad I asked -- this is fascinating!

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