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Gawker admits defeat, tries to replicate Bleacher Report and Huffington Post ...

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Bleacher Report co-founder Bryan Goldberg writes:

Gawker has thrown in the towel on their old model. Today, their popular Deadspin blog has announced that they are creating a “contributor network” that will allow “everyone — yeseveryone [to have] the same tools at your disposal that we [the writers] have at ours.” The mission is to “break down the wall between readers and writers.”


The reality, is that all media properties, regardless of age, voice, or business model, have to embrace the following:

  1. More traffic and ad inventory is better than less.
  2. Professional writers are not the only people with voices that matter.
  3. The economics of content are shifting rapidly, and innovation is the only approach that can enable victory.

These were core tenets that the Bleacher Report founders recognized many years ago, and the company has spent six years trying to master that model. And the company still has plenty of work to do.

Bryan is right. Those three realities are the future of content.

It's good that Gawker embraced this direction.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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