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Downtown Vegas Guide -

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Did you know that Las Vegas has a retro, hipster area with Rat Pack era spots, fresh cuisine, cool coffeeshops and bars, and original museums?  I didn't either, but now I can't wait to visit!

The best -- and I'm thinking most expensive -- breakfast I ever had in my life though was at Bouchon in the Venetian hotel... so there's still great experiences to be had on the Strip.  And I've had some good times at the Hofbrauhaus over by the airport.

I lived in Vegas for 3 years until the economic crash... Downtown was ghetto nasty then and it's worse now.....

Jason, there's a new initiative called the Downtown Project:

Their mission:

We are a group of passionate people committed to helping to transform Downtown Las Vegas into the most community-focused large city in the world. We are doing that by inspiring and empowering people to follow their passions to create a vibrant, connected urban core.

We’ve allocated $350 million to aid in the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas. We’re investing $200 million in real estate, $50 million in small businesses, $50 million in education, and $50 million in tech startups through the VegasTech Fund.

I once watched one of Oscar's goons shake down a CHURCH over a permit for a new AC... that supposed $350M isn't going into Downtown LV.. I guarantee it.

Dude, who cares... churches get PLENTY of tax breaks, and they need to comply with environmental regulations too.  This is PRIVATE MONEY being invested, why you gotta hate?

Maybe you missed the words "shake down"... and of course it's private money... likely VERY private money.... so "private" that digging too deeply could result in beheading.....

In any case, they're bringing in lots of cultural events and speakers.

Check it out -- Hunter Walk is talking about how Cat Videos are changing the world:

More on VegasTech Fund:

Sarah Lacy notes that they do not just invest in companies in Las Vegas:

I think that's a good thing. For the Las Vegas Tech Scene to become bigger and better, I think it should embrace its connection to Silicon Valley.

I think Las Vegas might be ready for a branch of 106 Miles:

I've recently checked out Downtown Vegas. It has changed radically and Tony Hsieh's project is definitely worth visiting. It's definitely small now, but it's the seed of something radically awesome...if he can keep the momentum.