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Sitting is killing you. Stand!!!

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"Prolonged sitting at work raises the risk of dying from cardiac and metabolic diseases, as well as the risk of dying from all causes, even if you work out or exercise."

Step away from the keyboard! Stand!!

If you want to learn more, read:

A week with a sit-stand desk.

Should you read this post while sitting or standing?

Is improving your life as easy as changing how you sit or stand?

See also this New York times study from 2011 that declares sitting is lethal.

(found via Caterina)

The take home points from this study:

1. Reduced sitting at work would benefit overweight or obese people the most because they already have a higher baseline risk for mortality.

2. People would likely benefit from spending more time standing at work.

3. Using a “stability ball” as opposed to a chair may be beneficial to engage core muscles if you must sit at work.

4. If you do spend a fair amount of time sitting at work, take frequent breaks to stand. Added tone from standing will allow your muscles to expend energy.

i went running today at least...#something better than nothing

Definitely Jared. Every single thing you do, helps.

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