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Shark Tank Water Bottle: GOBIE h2o Filtered Water

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GOBIE water bottle has a distinctive look and offers the feel of both hard and soft bottles.

shark tank Filtered Water Bottle, Filtered Water Bottles | GOBIE H2O

Here's a product demo:

$40 on Amazon:

Shark Tank Success says:

For something that seems so simple as a water bottle, the GOBIE Water Bottle invented by Rusty Allen has really thought of everything and is truly the Hi Tech Water Bottle of the future. The best way to understand all the features that are built into the GOBIE Water Bottle is to watch the video below. There is a purpose for everything including the patented hard plastic bottle that you can squeeze just like the inferior plastic bottles with fancy labels. The built-in filter is an organic solid carbon block made out of coconut shells that's good for over 100 gallons of pure clean water before needing to be changed. The squeezable rubber grip is made of medical grade thermoplastic elastometer that will not degrade over time. This high tech water bottle is made to last a lifetime and a must have for hiking and backpacking in the wilderness.

This could be good for back-packing and emergency preparedness, but I would like to see him clean up some of the water I've had to deal with in rural 3rd world villages.

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