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Carb Free Cloud Bread Recipe

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These seem like savory meringues rather than bread, but they could be useful for sandwiches occasionally.  I think a lot of the time people don't really taste the bread in their sandwiches too much anyway, but just want something mild-tasting to hold around the filling!

Is that all bread is to you? Something for holding the filling so you don't need a utensil?

Bread makes or breaks a sandwich... seems to me someone's too used to Wonderbread sponges ;-)

Have you made these?

She hasn't made them yet but I'm asking her to do so and share with us if she likes them.

They look like flat popovers to me.

OK haters, I have to admit that I don't eat that much bread and it's never been my favorite thing so maybe I am no gourmet in this area.  BUT the real issue is that artisanal bread crusts have seriously gotten WAY TOO HARD and TOTALLY unsuitable for sandwiches!

I like a slice of Acme Pugliese with butter a couple times a year as much as the next girl... but you know what I don't like?  Biting into a sandwich and having the flesh inside the top of my mouth torn to shreds!!!  Did you know that waiters in San Francisco refer to the pointy bits on Acme bread crusts as "the claw"?!?!?  Also, I honestly just don't think that ciabatta is all that for sandwiches!  Yeah, I said it.

The Bay Area is like the freakin' world capital of super hard-crusted sourdough, Italian, and Dutch crunch breads... and god love 'em all but I prefer my mouth lining in one piece, thank you.  I like crunchy vegetables and chewy meats in my sandwiches, and when you add a lot of hard bread crust to that it is just too much crunchy-chewy for me.  I've been eating a lot of sandwiches on bolillo rolls lately, and they are PILLOWY SOFT and a little bit sweet.

So have you ever found a carb-free bread that you liked?

I like Julian Bakery's low carb bread pretty well -- especially for grilled cheese action -- but I grew up eating health-food type bread with sprouted grains so I'm used to it.

I agree about the hard bread being impossible to eat. The only thing hard bread is good for is soup and bread pudding. (I love soup!)

What particular soups are hard breads good for, Soyeun? Any?

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