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The wine will flow red, and the music will play loud, and we'll put this mess behind us. ~Walder Frey before the Red Wedding

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So there will be music? Sounds great!

In the books it's even more chilling:

“We’ll have music, such sweet music, and wine, heh, the red will run, and we’ll put some wrongs aright."

Westeros is such an ornery place!

Game of Thrones meme if you think this has a happy ending you havent been paying attention

Bolton answers with a smile.

[S03E09] I see why its so funny now - Imgur

All of this is child play comparing to the power of one word:

daenerys targaryen dracarys gif

That's true. Walder Frey merely killed a 3500 person army. Daenerys Targaryen has destroyed 3 cities.

That's it? 30 people have died? You know what we call that on Game of Thrones? A wedding. ~Jon Stewart - PandaWhale

Walder Frey's throne is two towers and a bridge:

[S3E9] Another detail. Frey's throne is reminiscent of two towers and a bridge. I love this show. - Imgur


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