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Complex Algorithm Auto-Writes Books, Could Transform Science

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Phil Parker, who holds a doctorate in business economics from the Wharton School, has built an algorithm that auto-writes books. Now he's taking that model and applying it to loftier goals than simply penning periodicals: namely, medicine and forensics. Working with professors and researchers at NYU, Parker is trying to decode complex genetic structures and find cures for diseases. And he's doing it with the help of man's real best friend: technology.

Parker's recipe is a complex computer program that mimics formulaic writing. "What I have done is I’ve collected information," he says, saving researchers valuable time they would have spent in the lab. Parker is confident that all that work of collecting, surveying and estimating data can be automated, "meaning computer programs can accelerate discovery in the sciences faster than scientists can, if the computer is trained to behave like one."

The Turing Test would be if people can't tell it's a machine writing the book.

Medicine and forensics would be so very cool!

Could this accelerate the Singularity?

Yes!!!  I mean yes, it could. 

I'm all for accelerating the Singularity.

Google is remembering more and more things for me.

It's just a matter of time before they, too, can write things on my behalf.

"Google, you auto-complete me."

Can't stop laughing!

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