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Rap Genius Seeks 'Full Time Attaché w/ Good Taste' on Craigslist

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Rap Genius continues their downward slide, yo:

Attention: Enterprising Millennials. Do you want to work for a startup that's raised $15 million from a Sand Hill Road steamroller like Andreesseen Horowitz, but refers to the funding as "15,000 racks"? What if the gig involves meticulously vetting shower stools? If so, you're in luck!

"DOWN FOR WHATEVER" individuals willing to decipher copious, vague email instructions from the at times unintelligible cofounders of Rap Genius can apply for a job as a "full time attaché" at their Williamsburg office.

According to the listing on Craigslist, applicants must be in possession of impeccable taste. Clearly they're operating at a loss in that respect. All you need to do is send in your two best Instagram photos and display the surfeit of imagination that allows you, too, to pretend some benevolent venture capitalist will one day bankroll your baller lifestyle:

Come up with an interview question you would ask someone you were considering to be your own personal assistant

The job description includes doing "something baller like picking up Snapple".

Sad brogrammers. So very sad.

Oh, so is "Snapple" the term people use today for what we used to call "cocaine"?

How sad is it that when the Rap Genius founders used the word Snapple, I actually thought they meant, you know, SNAPPLE?

Then I looked on Urban Dictionary and discovered that Snapple actually means... SNAPPLE.

I am disappoint.

Hoes does the applicant dress for "DOWN FOR WHATEVER"?  

Good question. It helps to remember that the Rap Genius founders behave like Tracy Jordan, so...

Business casual?

Here's the full job description.

You've gotta BE DOWN FOR WHATEVER -- whether it's something baller like picking up snapple or inserts at CVS for a famous rapper or as thankless as unboxing my shower stool.

Sometimes you'll have to look at a list of things (eg shower stools on amazon) and pick the best one even though all of them have mixed reviews so you must have good taste and the ability to make a tough call!

Booking flights, setting up apartments, swirling the bottom of the pan w/ a thin coat of olive oil, etc, etc.. there's going to be a lot of emails.. and nothing will be explained in too much detail but you'll have to get all the details right anyway (and if you don't... more emails)

The application: answer these questions in the body of an email (no attachments) and send it to [email protected]

Where you went to college, your major, and the year you graduated

Your 2 best Instagram photos

A photo of your home or any other space you set up to be pleasant

Any online presence you want to share - blog, twitter, rap genius account, personal website, etc. - the more, the better

During your interview, you'll be asked to give us a spiel on something that's interesting to you. Could be anything. Don't get into it here, just tell us what your topic will be

Come up with an interview question you would ask someone you were considering to be your own personal assistant

What they probably really need is a dorm mother.....

What they probably need is Tyrion Lannister as The Hand:

Tyrion Lannister slapping King Joffrey gif Game of Thrones PandaWhale

Where are you? You could buy it on iTunes... Or use HBO Go...

 didn't know abt itunes....currently exploring hbo go option...waiting for fup.   thanks for the itunes tip!

Looks like Game of Thrones season 3 is not currently available in iTunes U.S.

However, it IS available in iTunes Australia:

One interesting tidbit from that article: 13.6 million people watched the finale, but only 6.3 million tuned into HBO for it. The rest used HBO Go.

Sorry, the position has been filled....

Rap Genius intern doing cocaine snow drugs from Better off Dead gif

If we had upvotes I'd give you this:

Upvotes shooting out ass gif

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