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Practicing Patience

Would love to hear other's thoughts on what I shared in my post today titled "Why It Took Me 12 Years to Do This"

Anyone else had the same experiences/thoughts?

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First off, I am AMAZED you can do this yoga pose:

Why It Took Me 12 Years To Do This - SUZANNAH SCULLY

This part of your article resonated with me:

I had to fall down countless times so that I could know exactly what felt right and wrong to get myself up into the pose.

There was no way for me to get into this pose unless I practiced patience.

How do we practice patiently for 12 years? One day at a time.

Ha ha, I was amazed as well! I was only able to get into the pose for about 1.5 seconds but I did it! :)

Adam - you do a great job of talking about this on Panda Whale. It is such an important message particularly coming from you who has cultivated a strong network and seen success. Those two things took a lot of nurturing and time. And I imagine was something you enjoyed experiencing along the way (for the most part), am I right?

Yes, I've found that you HAVE to enjoy the experiences along the way.

Otherwise you're just rushing your life away!

Howard Jones had a song about this: "Don't try to live your life in one day."

Enjoy the journey. There is no finish line!

Ahhh, Howard Jones!!! Love it.

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