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Parent myths: How much of what your parents told you was crap?

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Sugar does not make you hyper. You don't need 8 glasses of water a day. 

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”Verdict: PROBABLY TRUE“Bundle up or you’ll catch cold.”Verdict: PROBABLY TRUE

Okay so parents DO know SOMETHING. Whew. Faith in humanity restored.

Dammit, I love the 5 second rule.

“The 5 second rule” Verdict: FALSE

Via Because I Said So!: The Truth Behind the Myths, Tales, and Warnings Every Generation Passes Down to Its Kids:

The pioneer in this field was Jillian Clarke, a high school intern at the University of Illinois who spent part of 2003 dropping Gummi Bears and fudge-stripe cookies onto E. coli– treated floor tiles. Microbes contaminated the food immediately, not after some magical five-second window. (This is what you’d expect: landing on the germs is what does the trick, not sitting around waiting for more to drift by.) Clarke won an Ig Nobel Prize for her groundbreaking work, and a team that followed up at Clemson University found similar results. In one of their tests, a piece of bologna dropped on germy tile managed to gather 99 percent of the bacteria in the first five seconds! …

Bottom line: most food can be retrieved from the floor after one second or one minute and you’d be just fine. But if there was something gross on the floor, the dropped food was equally gross before and after the five-second cutoff.

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OMG, I lie all the time. I just make something up with tons of big words and then I don't have to deal with fits or things... I have to dig up what I've written about this... it's a good strategy. I was well into my 20's when I learned that cotton candy doesn't evaporate--Dad ate it. 

Cotton Candy doesn't evaporate?!

Next you're going to tell me that they don't make it this way...

Cotton candy eating in reverse gif - PandaWhale


You .giffed me. One point for you... 

Thank you!

thank you very much gif ross from friends


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