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Breakfast of Champions: 2 pounds of bacon, with a side of firearm and guns coffee mug.

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Breakfast of champions.

Would you believe the deadliest item on the table is the toast?


Classier at tea time, without bacon:

tea time guns meme Imgur

I love how the guns match the dishes.

When I searched Teh Internets for "bacon guns" I found this lovely post.


So Good Blog: "Submitting their entry to the long line of bacon related products and crazy things made of bacon such as the bacon bra, bacon floss and a bacon ipod case, the blog This is Freaking Ridiculous has created a gun made of bacon."

But not just any old gun:

The BA-K-47, a 1:1 scale AK-47 made out of bacon. It took a total of eight hours to create, a lot of bacon, and a blowtorch… oh yeah, and our good friend beer helped too...

Good times.


The Google "best guess" for the name of the image is "Ron Swanson breakfast" (reverse image search result urls are ridiculously long, or I'd include it here).

Google lists these 2 videos below when doing a reverse image search for the source of the "Two pounds of bacon, with a side of firearm" image.

Interestingly, neither of them seems to have a frame that matches the video, so there must be some string-based matching that's causing these vids to show up in the search results.

Parks and Recreation - Ron Swanson - Eggs & Bacon

Ron Swanson's a simple man.

Well, we know that Ron Swanson is into bacon, and that he also is a fan of firearms.

So it makes sense that the image comes from there.

But I don't remember this exact image being from one of those scenes, either.

Apple pie with bacon crumb topping, fantastic. Everything is better with bacon

Danielle, I've never heard of that before. Must try!

It's one of the best things ever, I'm not sure if this is the exact one I had because someone else made it, but this sounds pretty close.  I'll make it too, we can compare notes's all about the research right 

Apple Bacon Pie from Atlanta's Pie Shop | TastingTable Recipes

Apple Bacon Pie from Atlanta's Pie Shop | TastingTable Recipes

Yes, it's all about the research!

Wow, that looks scrumptious! 

 Yeah, I get it. Everyone seems to be telling me about doing the research lately. It's what I do & I love it, I do it for important things like bacon & whatnot. However, right now I'm all about blowing raspberries with this baby girl & the latest research shows blowing them through a straw in a glass of water will be hysterical to her, I'm thinking the addition of some food coloring would help....So there it is, the "how I add value"  factor... I just make things better, how about that to add to my angel list? Once I get used to the the baby bliss & think beyond the daily coos....Blahlalalala's & imitating fart noises I'll get back on it. ;-)

I still dream of raspberries, Danielle. :)

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