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How to Daydream -

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Never schedule your daydreaming. Rather, allow it to occur organically, like drooling.

Ha!  Good advice!

So we should never schedule our drooling either, right?

Yeah!  That's what I always say!  Wisdom to live by!

A little spontaneity can fuel our creativity. Daydreams, drool, and all.

Thanks for these great ideas. My only rule is that I don't daydream and drool at the same time.

How can you control your drooling if you're in the middle of a daydream?

When I'm in a daydream I'm unable to control anything else.

I've been able to achieve it, but it did take 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert at this.

I can drool on demand.

Ha! That's good!

THE LOTTERY You aren’t going to win the lottery. Stop fantasizing about the cars you’ll buy, the vacations you’ll take, the house you’ll build. Stop imagining quitting your job, the speech you’ll make while systematically destroying office property. You wouldn’t have the guts to do that even if you did win, which you most certainly will not. What you need to be doing is daydreaming about better ways to do your current job. If you weren’t spending so much time incorrectly daydreaming, you’d probably have earned that promotion by now.

Sorry daydreams and drool go hand in hand :(

That's a good thing. Drool means you're really into it.

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