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Fishing Tops List Of Lightning Deaths

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From 2006 to 2012, 238 people died after being struck by lightning in the country — 82 percent of them male. Of the total number of victims, 152 were taking part in leisure activities, according to new findings from the National Weather Service.

Fishing topped the list with 26 lightning deaths, followed by camping with 15 deaths, boating with 14, soccer with 12 and golf with eight, NWS officials said. Other lightning victims died while at the beach, swimming, walking, running or picnicking. [Electric Earth: Stunning Images of Lightning]


The NWS says the best way to avoid injury or death by lightning is to monitor the weather and cancel or postpone outdoor activities when a thunderstorm is rolling in. Lightning can strike from 10 miles (16 kilometers) away and the best place to take shelter is a building with four walls and a roof, or a car — in other words, a hut, cabana or tent will not save you from a flash of lightning, the NWS says.

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Fishing tops lightning deaths because they're in the water?

Or near the water.


Is [fishing in a boat] part of the calculation?

Does the Y chromosome act as a lightning rod?  I mean, look at it. 

I think it's entirely possible Y chromosome acts as a lightning rod.

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