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White House petition backs direct sales of Tesla cars | Cutting Edge - CNET News

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"Normally, selling cars via third-party dealers isn't a big deal, since it's the way most car manufacturers sell their vehicles. But, for Tesla, it matters. The electric car company only sells its vehicles directly to buyers.

According to CNBC, several states are considering banning direct vehicle sales. However, only Texas has the law currently in place. So, while Tesla can show its all-electricModel S sedan in Texas car galleries, it cannot sell the vehicle in that state."

I thought New York was fighting Tesla too?

In the same way?  

Rightly so, imo.  I think it's typical status quo gatekeeper feudalism for dealerships to demand their place in the chain.  The retail precedent in other product industries makes such insistence a non-issue.  

There's even more resistance to Uber and Airbnb.

ah, of COURSE there is. but such is the nature of incumbency and impending obsolescence. Fear of being wiped out... quite brilliant nonetheless, and proof of viability of all!

It's the nature of incumbents to put walls around their fortresses. But then they don't innovate. Barry Diller at #nytgf

— Julia Mee (@juliammee) June 20, 2013

Funny that quote comes from Barry Diller.

The irony/amusement is lost on me since I am not familiar with him...

He created the Fox Broadcasting Network:

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