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my ride | Yelp Rock Kayak: the best kayaking on Morro Bay

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Tony Foster and crew do a great job getting folks out kayaking on Morro Bay--and, in primo kayaks.

The great thing about that particular kayak is you can dangle your feet:

Rock Kayak Morro Bay

Someday I should tell everyone my story about the time Adam and I went sea kayaking in Biscayne Bay...

Go on....

So we drove across the 10 from LAX to JAX in 2010, and at the very end we visited Biscayne National Park -- which as you know is basically just a parking lot with a kayak rental shop next to a big expanse of protected water. The Panda and I rent a two-person kayak and head out. As we're viewing the crocodiles sunning themselves on the mangroves, he starts moving all around -- sea kayaks not being particularly comfortable for pandas -- and we start taking on water! Those boats are technically "self-bailing" but I think they can only get rid of so much water at a time. This is the time that Adam decides to finally admit that he doesn't know how to swim!!! If I had known more about the crocodiles and sharks and water snakes of Florida, I might have jumped out of the kayak and towed him back to land... but as it was I just yelled at him to sit perfectly still while I paddled us back.

Aww!!  Thanks for saving the Panda, Joyce!  Did Panda intensify or was he pretty chill?  Adam, if you ever fall in the water on the east coast just relax and float.  Our water is very dense!

I've been in a tandem kayak ONCE and vowed never again.  The two most important features in a kayak (after weight and tracking) are adjustable seats with backs and foot rests to distribute some of the work load to the legs.  Tips for your next kayaking adventure!

A friend of ours says the tandem kayak is a divorce machine! :)

There is a gentleman on this list who tried to learn to kayak in a tandem with his wife, though I STRONGLY ADVISED AGAINST the tandem.  To make matters worse, it was an inflatable tandem. I think I've said enough.

We were no less happily married after the kayaking... just very tired. The experience convinced me that if it doesn't have sails, it's not a real boat.

Lol...  Mismatched endurance and too-long trips on arms not ready are not good moves (I've found out).  I have a Hobie Mirage Tandem that I'd be willing to sell.  The Mirage series are the ones with foot propulsion also.  It's big and reasonably heavy, so it's fairly stable.  However, when I graduated to rougher water and waves I realized that I actually wanted a smaller kayak so that I can throw weight around better to counter waves.  Also, you have to use the rudder because otherwise it windmills in any wind.  I added industrial velcro to lock the rudder position easily.  My newer kayak is an inflatable Hobie Mirage Tandem single.

I also have the sail kit for it, so it is a real boat!  Three kinds of propulsion, all at the same time if you are coordinated.  With one of my sons, I've reached 11+ knots with the leg propulsion.  It also has a speedometer tube, although that is probably in a box somewhere.

Just reading this makes me realize how unappealing Florida is even on a natural level....

You gotta wonder about a state where you literally can't walk on the ground in the national parks...

But don't worry! Due to something that rhymes with Primate Range but cannot be said in Florida, soon there will be no national parks there to worry about!

Here's what we'll have:

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