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Gov Schwarzenegger comments on Best Damn Cardio Humanly Possible in 15 Minutes

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The Governator schools the premature optimizers of Reddit about their bickering over "the best" exercise.

This is freaking sweet:

Thanks for sharing this.

Everybody, behave and stop bickering. This is about inspiring more people to get into fitness. I've never understood people who argue constantly about who is wrong and who is right in fitness, because the fact is, there are many "right" answers, especially for people just starting out.

Do you think Sergio Oliva and I did the same thing? No. In fact, you could walk into Gold's and watch the 5 best guys and see 5 completely different routines. And you know what? We didn't argue.

Do me a favor. Try to focus more on expanding the fitness community as a whole than protecting your little corner of it.

This is the original Schwarzenegger post that led to the Reddit post:

When I hear guys talking about their fitness routines, I picture this:

so does anyone want to play parcheesi gif Rick moranis imgur

Or this:

Arnold Schwarzenegger lifting weights gif cats Imgur

arnold Schwarzenegger smoking joint gif

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