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What Happy People Do Differently | Psychology Today

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I like this... makes a lot of sense...that happiness is a "sense of peace or connectedness." I often feel that there's something to dispositional happiness... 

Reminds me of what Don Draper always seemed to miss, and hence his character is as such.

Another Draper reference recently...that's one of the shows I want to check out from the beginning when everyone gives me the "you haven't seen THAT" incredulous look... It's true... 

You must see Mad Men. Best TV series IMO ever created.

Because I like your stuff, I'll take that excellent recommendation. I don't watch a lot of TV... Still sad the West Wing and ER are gone... I'll put down my nerd reading pile and watch Episode 1 tonight and report back.  

Great! I'd go so far as to say "Mad Men" has changed the way I think about a lot things -- work, creativity, men vs. women, parenthood. Life, really.

Wow. Now, that's a conversation...Love to hear the before-after when I'm qualified to discuss the show a bit... 

Yeah. I've actually wanted to form a small group of folks who just LOVE MM and meet once a month to drink and talk about the show IRL. 

That's serious influence...I'm suggesting Providence. I'll provide the food and beverages:) 

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