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Elon Musk: The Hyperloop Design Is Coming

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Tesla founder Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he will reveal the design of his "Hyperloop" on August 12. 

The Hyperloop is a transportation system Musk has been talking about for over a year now. 

He claims that it will be able to get people from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. He described it as a "cross between a Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table."

Completely separate project from Tesla and SpaceX, right?

Yes.  You'll need a new stash. 

I have a Transportation stash that conveniently is appropriate to Tesla, SpaceX, AND Hyperloop.

Musk seems obsessed with transportation.

On Twitter, Musk says he's going to make the design for the Hyperloop open for anyone to use. "I really hate patents unless critical to company survival," says Musk. "Will publish Hyperloop as open source."

He was asked if he plans to commericalize it, or just work with partners. He said, "Happy to work with the right partners. Must truly share philosophical goal of breakthrough tech done fast & w/o wasting money on BS."

What is the Hyperloop? We'll find out in exact detail soon enough. 

However, we found a 1972 paper from R.M. Salter, a researcher at the Rand Corporation that seemed to fit with what Musk was talking about

Salter called for a Very High Speed Transit System, or VHST. 

"The general principles are fairly straightforward: electromagnetically levitated and propelled cars in an evacuated tunnel," wrote Salter.

Salter's vision was a series of vaccuum sealed tubes that would send people across the country in a matter of minutes. 

Salter explained how it could work by saying, "The VHST's 'tubecraft' ride on, and are driven by, electromagnetic waves much as a surfboard rides the ocean's wave. The EM waves are generated by pulsed, or by oscillating, currents in electrical conductors that form the roadbed structure in the evacuated tube way. Opposing magnetic fields in the vehicle are generated means of a loop superconducting cable carrying on the order of a million amperes of current."

Here are the tweets from Musk:  (go to the BI article - )

Interesting tech, interesting the news is via Twitter.

Thank you!

Dear Elon Musk,

Referring to your old post and no new developments I assume project is stuck. I have experience with advanced projects particularly pushing PRT project (Personal Rapid Transit). It's very difficult convincing politicians being involved into advanced projects since they do see very little or any political benefits for their political establishments. On other hand politicians of developing countries with no infrastructure (India) willing to discuss advanced projects but in that case you really need strong investors baking such pilot projects with later perspective of mass multiplication and implementation.I would prefer going outside US for R&D stage with local implementation. I propose Ukraine being perfect market and opportunity for such project due to many reasons: poor and outdated rail and road transport infrastructure and huge R&D intellectual potential with rather long travel distances. To your knowledge Ukrainian companies are still part of Russian space programs and they have very good experts in this field with habits of high tech development. All major components and infrastructure could be manufactured locally and that would make politicians very interested. Distances in Ukraine between major towns with population over 3 mln. are perfect for Hyperloop with no mountains in between and very easy "right of way" arrangements. Especially such kind of projects are easy to start and capitalize during political revolutions like it is now in Ukraine when people tend to move and think more intensively and develop completely new strategies. I would propose creation "advanced transportation development institute" in Ukraine which would cover PRT and Hyperloop development with focus on commercial project implementation. I think non-recourse program finance possibilities should be in place as long as Ukraine is accessing EU. Although it sounds opportunistically but just use the momentum!

Darius LazauskisVilnius, Lithuanuia

Oh man I hope the Ukraine takes the initiative here!

Russia is very good at greasing wheels!

Yes they are. Did you know they're making a play for the North Pole?

I had to look it up!

A Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft surveys the northern tip of Ellesmere Island, near the North Pole, in this photo from 2007. (Cpl Evan Kuelz/Canadian Forces)

But somewhat surprisingly, many Canadian commentators were not critical of the Russian action, but instead were very critical of Mr. Mackay and the government’s response. It was suggested that Mr. Chilingarov was only acting as a scientist and that this was not official Russian action. (How exactly these commentators knew this was the case was never disclosed.) They also suggested the planting of flag at the North Pole had about as much meaning as the Americans planting a flag on the Moon. As such, the common wisdom developed that Canada overreacted and that the Russians did not mean anything by this action.

It turns out that this was only the opening act for the Russians. This summer, the Smolensk – an Oscar II class nuclear-powered and nuclear-missile-carrying submarine will go to the North Pole to raise the Russian flag. Her captain said in late December that this was a major mission for the submarine, which is just coming out of a two year refit.

It sure does sound like Russia claims they own the North Pole.


>Sammy the Walrus IV (URL) on Jul 15, 10:46 AM said:It's actually just a diesel train powered by dreams and imagination.

I like anything powered by dreams and imagination.



you and me both.

That makes a lot more sense than me thinking it was a variation of YOLO.

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