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Have Hope: How You Can Use The Science Behind Hope To Be Your Best

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I hope that hoping works as well as this article says. 

I never realized hope is related to willpower.

Via Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined:

In 1991, positive psychologist Charles Snyder and colleagues came up with “hope theory.” According to their theory, hope consists of agency and pathways. The person who has hope has the will and determination to achieve goals and a set of various strategies at their disposal to reach their goals. Put simply: Hope involves the will to get there and different ways to get there.

Hope is “not just a feel-good emotion.” Hope is predictive.

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"So let’s break this down. Before a big challenge:

  1. Imagine your goal.
  2. Write down anything that might stop you from achieving it.
  3. Come up with a few contingency plans to address those obstacles.
  4. Rule the world. 

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I might add that Eric Barker stashed this in "Diabolical Plans for World Domination".

And then proceeded to offer four simple steps to ruling the world.

We cannot say we were not warned.

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