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Dr. John Hatle: What Grasshoppers Can Teach Us About Food, Sex and Aging

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"Reproducing shortens your life, eating a full diet shortens your life, and doing both is worse yet (at least if you're a grasshopper)."

I wonder why NOT having kids increases your lifespan.

Less worry?

Adam, I'll take up the argument about "worry" -- I don't think that's it. For all they take in the stresses and strains of midnight feedings and teenage driving, children give back in those full-hearted moments at school plays and mothers' day breakfasts. No, I don't think that's it.

Instead, I would allow that for human beings we've already managed to significantly extend our natural lifespans using modern birth control. Look at how much healthier women are when they can control their reproductive lives. Childbirth is a serious health hazard, not risking it or only taking the chance a few times in ones life has significantly extended lifespans.

Jus' sayin. It ain't just the kids.


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