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Making Better Decisions

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Williams understood that an important aspect to improving the odds of making good choices is the ability to distinguish between decisions within our circle of competence and those on the outside.

The way we make decisions — our decision process — matters.

I concur. 

So you're saying there's a chance...

Yes!  I found this worthy of noting:

So what matters more, process or analysis? After comparing the results they determined that “process mattered more than analysis—by a factor of six.

This finding does not mean that analysis is unimportant, as a closer look at the data reveals: almost no decisions in our sample made through a very strong process were backed by very poor analysis. Why? Because one of the things an unbiased decision-making process will do is ferret out poor analysis. The reverse is not true; superb analysis is useless unless the decision process gives it a fair hearing.

Flipping a coin is a fair process but it does not take any analysis into account. 

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