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What's the single most important personality trait if you want to live a long life?

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It's not "being nice to Eric" but if you really annoy me, it could be. :P

I get the impression that not much annoys you.

"Conscientiousness was a better predictor of improvement than the medication itself."

So how do we define conscientiousness?

Is it focus? Practice of habits? Attention?

The non-jargon version would be: "having your shit together." Someone who is aware, organized, consistent, reliable.

Formal version here:

Next question: Why is it so uncommon to find Someone who is aware, organized, consistent, reliable?

I guess Entropy is always increasing so it takes a lot of work to stay ORCA -- organized, consistent, reliable, aware...

It is quite rare to find people who have their shit together. Ask any recruiter. :)

Conscientiousness is a reflection of either good habits or the expenditure of executive function (willpower). No one has enough executive function to be conscientious all the time, so anyone who is truly conscientious must have established a set of good habits to make conscientiousness a near-automatic activity.

A positive personality.

You have to be more specific, Trish.

It's positive conscientiousness that will take you far.

Positivity isn't everything. You can definitely be too positive.

I'll have more research on this in relation to longevity soon...


Greg, THAT is funny. :)'ll definitely live longer then!

Don't forget to laugh--especially at yourself.

p.s. Talk about timeline, this story is just now making the rounds. ABC must be reading PandaWhale!