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Am I an asshole for driving the speed limit in the HOV lane?

HOV lane

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the other 30% are assholes too.

That's not the urban dictionary definition of asshole:

A person in another car who cuts you off to get to the next lane, almost hits you while talking on the phone.

The essence of asshole is cutting someone off and/or almost hitting you while talking on the phone.

Going slow only qualifies a person for the Jerk Store.

P.S. I voted:

I drove to Vegas and back for Blackhat last week... this world is FULL of assholes, even by that definition!!! lol

We drove too!  I was happy to see Norse was there.  Did you make it over to BSides?

No never left the hotel... never even heard of BSides til you mentioned it... lol.  Too busy coding to dig too deeply into the sec scene. :-P

I didn't see you, but did you get a chance to talk to any of the team at the table?  trying to get evaluations of how they did.. lol

And I live in Vegas! I promise to stop driving the speed limit in the HOV lane if y'all say hi next time you are in town!


Driving the speed limit in the passing lane when someone wants to drive faster is definitely an a**hole maneuver.  However, I've been asking people the question: "When there is an HOV lane, is the HOV the passing lane, or is the lane to the right of the HOV lane the passing lane?  Assuming it is the lane to the right, then you are presumably not an asshole for driving the speed limit in the HOV lane.

Assuming the HOV lane is not the passing lane, a better question may be if you should always drive at least equal to the general flow of traffic.  If we accept that the lane to your right is the passing lane and that you are in a place where there is a consistent dotted line (not a divider or double yellow), then people can pass you on the right.  The only way you are an a**hole is if you drive right beside someone in the lane to the right.  Slow down or speed up so that people can pass both of you.

If you are in a location with a divider or solid yellow lines, then people can not easily leave the HOV lane to pass you.  I can't say that you should have to drive as fast as anyone else wants to, nor can I say that you should have to drive at least as fast as people in the passing lane to your right.  However, it is a reasonable question to ask if your max speed should be dictated by maximum of the general flow of traffic or the speed limit.  If everyone in the non-passing lanes, or middle lane, are driving 10 mph over the speed limit, it could be annoying to be stuck in the passing lane behind someone driving the speed limit.

Another question:  What is the purpose of the HOV lane?  Is it to be able to travel faster?  If you are driving in the HOV lane at a slower rate than the rest of the traffic on the highway, a question I would have for you is "why are you in the HOV lane?"  It can only cause discomfort to other drivers.  If you want to drive slower than the general flow of traffic on the road, then the right lane is generally designated for you and no driver should ever be upset that they have to go around you when you are in the right lane (barring min speed limits on a highway).  

Ultimately, on most highways, the general flow of traffic is over the speed limit and the HOV lane does not allow for constant ingress and egress.  If there is traffic on the highway, then the speed limit may be safe and reasonable, but if not, you are probably impeding the flow of traffic in the HOV lane and hence, an a**hole.

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