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7 Financial Skills Every 20-Year-Old Needs To Learn - Forbes

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Big believer in being frugal when young. Young and old on PandaWhale, would love to hear your thoughts on this article or on personal finance in general

it is one point really: being frugal is being financially smart.  the best way to become rich is to do it slowly. 

Karina, I agree with Jared. It's good to be frugal not only when you're young but also when you're older.

Frugal mode. The ability to kick into “super-saver mode” for a stint is vital when unexpected expenses come up or income suddenly drops. This could involve skipping taxis and taking public transportation, bringing PB&J sandwiches to work, stretching hair care products, switching to basic cable and “go phones,” getting a roommate, ride sharing, going to free concerts, and skipping restaurants to have friends over instead (with a dish in hand)—whatever it takes to make ends meet. Frugal mode helps you avoid resorting to credit cards in a crunch. 

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