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Teenage Boys, Worried About Body Image, Take Health Risks -

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Pediatricians are starting to sound alarm bells about boys who take unhealthy measures to try to achieve Charles Atlas bodies that only genetics can truly confer. Whether it is long hours in the gym, allowances blown on expensive supplements or even risky experiments with illegal steroids, the price American boys are willing to pay for the perfect body appears to be on the rise.

I remember the day when "boys" used to train for sports. And I'm sure the men before me remember the day when "boys" were doing manual labor. 

 "“You get these kids now, they’re 5 feet 6 inches, 5 feet 7 inches,

weighing 265 pounds with two percent body fat,” he said. “Give me a

break. You can’t put on 30 pounds in a month.”

I beg to differ!  :-)

 haha. :) 

Why would you even want to be 5'6 with 265 and 2% body fat, ha?

Ironically, most of the "hottest" most famous celebs/good-looking people look nothing like this.

 Two words: Taylor Lautner

 Taylor is 5'10, 170  

The size of a small-ish high school running back, or college receiver or safety. He's not very big at all, which is precisely my point.

Remember that 20% of anorexics are male.

Taylor Lautner being small but built also gives boys an unhealthy body image to shoot for.

 It's not an unhealthy body image. He was a scrawny kid, he worked out, and he got jacked. It's a pretty simple equation for an 18-year-old with decent genetics. I've seen it all the time. 

Some people don't have the right frame or genetic disposition; that's fine, but for those that do, there's nothing wrong with them wanting to look like Taylor Lautner. 

The article has some extreme examples. Cool story. But for the majority of non-anorexic men, there are other non-8-pack physical attributes about which to be concerned as well. They either learn to accept it, or wallow in self-doubt and anxiety. 

It's probably always been thus, but preoccupation with outward appearances is troubling.  "It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness." Leo Tolstoy ...

 It's also human. 

 Welcome to my world.  I have never had a boyfriend (husband, lover) who didn't say I'd look great ten pounds lighter.  My genetics apparently include padding. I get less like a shaker chair and more like a sofa every year!

I'm really sad the that equality found its way by everyone being miserable, instead of everyone being comfortable.  It would been nice, but I assume less profitable. 

 Don't be sad!  You have to make a decision, *a decision*, to be happy with yourself.  This is 100% in your control.  Wake up every day and remind yourself of all the ways you are exceptional.  You won't always (if ever) get that from others. 

I hope you are enjoying good health, which is the BEST genetic gift.  And whatever investments you make to that will only make you feel better.

 Oh, I'm happy, and in good health. I think it's kind of funny that no matter what is my weight over 20 years (and we are talking 50 pounds difference up and down) almost no one has thought I was perfect as-is.  Why we torture our partners is a mystery. I just laugh at them, and say "I'm doing what I want, this is what you get."  I have been seeing someone who likes cushioning lately. 

I worry more for my daughter. Looks like rather than benefiting from feminism by not worrying about her body, she and any boyfriend she may get will fight over the mirror. I hope to raise her with better standards. 

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