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Half of The Web links to Facebook.

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TechCrunch reports:

According to a new study by website monitoring service Pingdom, 24.3% of [Alexa's] top 10,000 websites in the world now feature some form of official Facebook integration on their homepages. That’s already a pretty impressive number, but once you also include basic links to Facebook, the number goes up to 49.3%. The company’s official like button is featured on 7.3% of these sites.

Facebook is clearly becoming a “part of the Web’s DNA,” as Pingdom puts it, and it’s far ahead of its competitors. It’s worth noting, though, that the number of sites that integrate Facebook seems to have remained relatively stable over the last year. Almost exactly one year ago, BrightEdge reported that it found some form of Facebook integration on about 47% of the Web’s top 10,000 sites.

In Pingdom’s study, Twitter is only featured on 10% of homepages in the top 10,000. Around 4.3% of these sites use Twitter’s official share button. Despite these relatively low numbers, it’s worth noting that 41.7% of sites feature links to Twitter – a number that isn’t that different from Facebook’s.

The study is new.

The fact that half of The Web integrates with Facebook is a year old.

Is the trend that Facebook integration plateauing?

Or is the trend that Facebook is resting on its way to complete domination of The Web?

Stay tuned...

Wow. Half the web links to Facebook...

I wonder if Zuck enjoys that fact.

Scumbag Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is... Spiderman!

Which is ironic since the new guy playing Spiderman was Zuck's co-founder in The Social Network.

I like this so much, I'm making it the main image on the page. :)

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