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Talking to a master

For some background, here is an article about my past work at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. 

The first time I met one of my master teachers, he said to me in his special way. "Mark, what you do is very good. You help a lot of people and don't need to be any better...but what you do is not very profound."

I was not offended nor did I argue.  I knew he was correct. When I read all the talk of mindfulness and neuro plasticity, or that yoga is a 7 billion a year industry, or that Google has mindfullness classes, or the Hapiness Project is selling books....

I know I did the right thing in quitting.  What I was doing was not profound enough. My practice was not deep enough.  

Think of it this way. You go to a five star restaurant and eat something unbelievable. Then you go out on a lecture circut telling everyone about it.  You still did not and cannot cook the meal.


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So there is no way to mindfulness? Mindfulness IS the way?

Mindfulness is the first step of 32 steps. If you start to question most "mindfulness" experts they will be lost within a few minutes. I can make it for a couple more than a few.   

32 steps seems like a long process!

Though, to be fair, it seems shorter than a journey of 10,000 steps. 

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