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One advantage of being a fat guy...

One advantage of being a fat guy: you can ride "shotgun" for life without pissing people off.
11:06 AM Jun 22 2012

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What a good perspective he has!


ippo entha area la irruka?. Check-in kaanum

Always look on the bright side!

My top 5 from Deep Friar:

5. You hardly ever feel cold, so you’ll save on heating fuel in the winter.

4. Nobody enjoys a good steak or pizza like you do. Nobody.

3. Thin people are rarely considered “cuddly”.

2. When you hug someone, you REALLY HUG them.

1. If you’ve hooked up with hot babe or hot guy, there’s a good chance they truly like you for who you are.  (Unless you’re like rich or something).


I'll add:

* You rarely have to sit with anyone on BART or Muni