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Weight loss by fasting, a success story

A BBC documentry [58:20 total] where they mention a guy who survived a year and two weeks without food.


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A 27-year-old male patient fasted under supervision for 382 days and has subsequently maintained his normal weight. Blood glucose concentrations around 30 mg/100 ml were recorded consistently during the last 8 months, although the patient was ambulant and attending as an out-patient. Responses to glucose and tolbutamide tolerance tests remained normal. The hyperglycaemic response to glucagon was reduced and latterly absent, but promptly returned to normal during carbohydrate refeeding. After an initial decrease was corrected, plasma potassium levels remained normal without supplementation. A temporary period of hypercalcaemia occurred towards the end of the fast. Decreased plasma magnesium concentrations were a consistent feature from the first month onwards. After 100 days of fasting there was a marked and persistent increase in the excretion of urinary cations and inorganic phosphate, which until then had been minimal. These increases may be due to dissolution of excessive soft tissue and skeletal mass. Prolonged fasting in this patient had no ill-effects.

That's amazing. I guess humans are well equipped for famine.

Well, the source website has since disappeared and so has the video. :(

Any ideas on where to find the BBC documentary?

does PW need to store all the data then to ensure evergreen content? 

No, because if it was taken down from YouTube there's probably a reason. 

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