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Is It Possible To Live Forever? How To Live A Long, Healthy Life:

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People who live past 95 don’t have healthier habits than you or I do – in fact, Clement smoked until she was 117. These people just have amazing genes.

By manipulating the genes of a worm, Cynthia Kenyon was able to increase its lifespan — by ten times. 

And she didn’t just add more crappy years at the end. She extended the young, healthy years.

I love the Louis CK video in Eric's article:

This part of Eric's article resonated with me:

How you feel right now is a half decent way to determine whether you’ll die in the next 30 years.

Aging is inevitable. But when you “get old” can vary dramatically.

After age 40, your chronological age is actually a poor predictor of how “old” you are.


Laugh a lot. Be happy. Be optimistic. Have lots of good sex. Get enough sleep. Stay out of debtForgive.

We may not be able to live forever, but we can live well.

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