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Four Secrets From A Champion Super Connector - Forbes

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Insights on power networking in the corporate environment. 

Her first three secrets are excellent:

1. The Theory: “My network/superconnect theory begins with the idea that all the tough problems are solved with networking — lack of key critical resources; money, connections, knowledge all are attached to people orbiting specific ecosystems.”  

2. If you’re not currently succeeding, you’re in the wrong room. “I smile at all the books on networking like, ‘How to Work a Room.’ Most people are in the wrong room!  I call it looking for love in all the wrong places. Ninety percent of pitches to VC’s and angels are literally in the wrong room. With $47 trillion investment cash, 7B investors and countless opportunities there is no lack of resources. You need a combination of relationships plus capital for a targeted outcome.”

3. The Golden Questions: “After I make an introduction, I teach people to ask what I call my two golden questions: What other ideas do you have for me and who else do you know I should talk to?  This is a simple but profound way to develop a deep, wide and robust network.  This is how I have created direct connections to President Obama, Oprah, Bill Clinton and many of the other influencers I am closely connected to or have personally worked with and know.”

Her fourth secret ("stranger danger is a fallacy") less so.

But these first three secrets are worth thinking about.

Especially number 2. Make sure you're in the right room. That's SO important.

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