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Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

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Everyone loves chicken enchiladas!

That's true. It's like a universal food.

I've made this recipe several times now and learned some things.

* One thing I never expected: people react WAY BETTER to rolled enchiladas than stacked. It's what Alice B Toklas says about fried eggs vs omelettes: same ingredients, but one seems to bespeak care and skill whereas the other says you don't really care.

* I think you really want more like 2 lb of chicken. The recipe makes a lot of enchiladas, you don't want to skimp on the filling. Oh, and I leave out the corn because... there's no corn in enchiladas, man. I had to brown the chicken and then bake it for a while because my chicken pieces were so big.

* Mexican Spice Blend is like oregano, ground ginger, chile powder (I use aji because it has a nice bright flavor), and maybe a little bit of paprika or pimenton.

* Consider draining your tomatoes or you might need a lot more flour than a half teaspoon.

* I had to microwave my tortillas for more like a minute than 30 seconds. Do it until they are warm and pliable, not just for the time stated in the recipe. And don't be afraid to heat them again if they cool off!

* I use a whole can of Las Palmas enchilada sauce, and no one ever complains. I think that is more like 2.5 cups of sauce. If you warm up the sauce, you get nicer rolled enchiladas. If you drizzle some on top of the enchiladas, especially the edges of the tortillas, you will get a much nicer result.

* I use up all the chicken in the filling, and then add some enchilada sauce to the veggies left in the pan and spread that mixture on top of the enchiladas and finally top with cheese. Makes for a nice moist result.

* Instead of jack cheese I use a Mexican one specifically designed for quesadillas. I think it's called "quesadilla cheese". 2/3 of that and 1/3 of cheddar. And more than the recipe calls for.

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