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MPAA Accuses Google of Breeding Pirates

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Which is why we the consumer LIKE Google. 

Well then, I guess they are also guilty of breeding pedophiles. I mean, I'm sure they also use search engines to find what they are looking for. I remember when the music industry used to be blamed for everything; now it's Google's fault... got it. I'm sure Steven Tyler is sleeping better at night without that load of bricks. Whew

Google does its best to remove illegal things from search results. 

No doubt, it's silly to blame one entity for something like this. Equivalent to saying video games breed murderers  

Not quite. 

Google has some culpability since some people would not be able to find those things without Google.

Yeah well close enough....But then Yahoo might list them. If someone wants to do something bad enough they find a way, if they're smart enough to pull it off.

You can find such material just as easily using Bing, Yahoo, Ask (though you'll say that since they outsourced some search to Google, that it's just the same)

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