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BranchOut: Acquiring Users != Retaining Users

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Facebook Open Graph makes it straightforward to acquire a lot of users who will fall in a trap door, sign up, and then never use your service,

What BranchOut, Socialcam, Viddy, and Chill need to figure out is how to get people to use their app regularly.

User acquisition is not engagement.

 SocialCam doesn't care. They cashed out for $60m when it was hot.

They're still working on the app. Autodesk cares about the users. 

 But do the founders really, truly care? At the end of the day, SocialCam is a meaningless company creating a meaningless product scraping youtube videos.

I'm sure the guys are brilliant, worked hard, and will use that $$ to go do something that is more meaningful, but I don't think they care if they figure it out or not.

And perhaps SocialCam team can contribute to Autodesk in other, meaningful ways.

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