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teenage drinking

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I'm sad for the kids of today:

During his sophomore year of high school, my son informed me, “Every one of my friends smokes weed and drinks, Mom. Every one you’ve ever seen.” “You’re not serious,” I said. “Roger doesn’t.” “Wrong, Mom. Everyone.” “Not Steven.” “Mom, hear me. Everyone. I’m the only one who doesn’t. And that’s because you test me. It’s not easy.”

Pot and alcohol while a brain is forming will leave them stupid for the rest of their lives.


Yes, pot and alcohol get in the way of setting up the neural network during the formative years.

sure but it is a not always going to happen, right?  didn't steve jobs do a lot (or enough) of drugs in his younger days?  

After he got to college. There's a time and place for everything, and it is college.

Not the 7th grade or even the 10th grade.

but kids are not allowed to be kids these days? more homework, less play makes a young kid turn to escape mechanisms just like adults? e.g. pot and beer?  

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