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PandaWhale Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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See also our Welcome to PandaWhale page.


1. What is PandaWhale?

PandaWhale is software for saving and organizing great stuff on the open, public Web.

Here is the (brief) story of PandaWhale.

More importantly, PandaWhale is a community of people.

People who create stashes of things we find on Twitter, Facebook, and the Web.


2. What's a stash?

A stash is a public collection of posts around a common interest.

Each stash is owned by a PandaWhale user, and only that user can add to the stash.

You can change a stash name by clicking on it.

You can add a post to as many of your stashes as you like.


3. What's a post?

A post begins with a title and a first comment that consists of text, images, videos, and/or links.

Anyone can add additional comments. You can delete any comments in a post you start.


4. How do I stash a post?

There are three different ways to stash a post:

A. Install the PandaWhale browser extension.

To stash from Twitter or any website, highlight text on a page and then click the browser extension -- and then select an IMAGE or VIDEO if appropriate. The highlighted text will be included, along with a LINK to the source.

B. Or, go to Create a Page, make a title and a comment, and press the Stash! button.

C. Alternatively, for an already-stashed convo, press the orange Save! button and choose your very own stash to save it to.

Easy as A-B-C !!


5. What does the Heart button do?

Press the Heart button to give props to any comment to show respect to the commenter.


6. What does the Follow button do?

When you follow a stash, you get notified every time a post is added to that stash.

You can unfollow a stash at any time to stop receiving those notifications.

You can also change any notification settings at the bottom of the settings page.


7. Why can't I follow a person?

Because we believe in following only what you're interested in.

If you want to follow every post a person stashes, follow all of her or his stashes.


8. Any tips for PandaWhale power users?

Yes! Click here for PandaWhale power user tips.


9. And where did the name PandaWhale come from?

We named PandaWhale after two types of people: whales produce, pandas consume.

Whales are our biggest users. They create new posts and add to stashes.

Pandas far outnumber the whales. Pandas are our silent but avid readers. They spend their time searching and consuming, just like real pandas.

Many people are pandas, some people are whales, and some people are both.

PandaWhale was built to appeal to both pandas and whales.

Whales produce a lot, pandas consume a lot.



See also our Welcome to PandaWhale page.


Stupid question: How do I delete a stash?  Also, where's the best place to ask stupid questions?

This is a good place for stupid questions.

Right now you can't delete a stash but you can rename it to something else and remove anything from it that you don't want in the newly named stash.

Adam, couldn't you be both a Panda and a Whale? Creating new convos and adding to stashes - curating - is awesome, but so is avidly reading and lurking. Or are there only two distinct types of people?

They're not mutually exclusive.

Some people have both panda and whale behaviors.

At least 99% of our community is read-only, and that hasn't changed as we've grown.

Who knew? I'm a panda too!

I'd like to think we all have some pandic behaviors.

That's the consumer within. :)

We have added an about PandaWhale page. Enjoy...

About PandaWhale and they fight crime

Now go back to the PandaWhale home page, please. ;)

Everything is based on links to other pages and these would get broken over time, hence ephemeral?

We try to strike a balance of summarizing text and copying images with links back.

But yes, it's the web, and links do regularly break.

How do I deal with spam in conversations, please?

Hi Masha!

We have an algorithm that auto deletes them.

You can also delete any comment that appears on pages you create. 

How can I delete my profile from Panda Whale?

Hello, thank you for asking. 

Right now we have no way to delete accounts. 

Instead please go to settings and change your first name and last name to something like "No One" and we will delete your account when we have time:

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