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Dr. Arjun Srinivasan: We’ve Reached “The End of Antibiotics, Period”

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Evolution is beautiful... except when it makes for antibiotic resistent flesh-eating super-bacteria. :(

Rule of thumb: avoid taking antibiotics if you can.

Senior medical professionals are now saying that antibiotics are overprescribed and destroying gut health. Consequences may even be permanent, resulting in altered metabolism and raised risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome. At least one report claims that antibiotics might be partially responsible for rising rates of mental illness.

Admittedly, this research is in its infancy, but they are returning far too grim results for physicians to be so cavalierly doling out antibiotics for something as benign and naturally treatable as the common cold. No doubt, antibiotic-resistant germs like MRSA will remain on the rise as long as this over-prescription continues.

Yup.  Another case where Minimum Effective Dose has become overprescribed and thus, damaging and ineffective for what it was originally designed to accomplish.  


But the most pernicious legacy of this folly is Big Pharma and their juggernaut pursuit of profits above all else ...our wellbeing most of all.

Can this practice of over subscribing be stopped?

Can the practice of paying yourself less for your work be started?

Yes. You can pay yourself nothing for your work if you really apply yourself.

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