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A Guide to Spotting CIA-NSA SIGINT Equipment on Rooftops of American Embassies - Matthew Aid

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Wowah.  A lot of speculation but if it's true ..... wowah.

"Der Spiegel described attic-like rooms positioned on the roof of the embassy in Berlin from which the CIA and NSA are able to monitor “a large part of cellphone communication” in the epicenter of the German government, calling the operation “a nest of espionage.”

The paper, which cites both German and U.S. sources, reports that the structures are designed to appear as integral parts of the buildings, but in reality they hide technology used for sophisticated electronic surveillance. It reports that the structures are covered by a material “permeable even by weak radio signals.”

Intelligence analyst Ronen Solomon tells the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv that the “boxes” conceal “very advanced wiretapping devices.”

Solomon examined photographs of the white structures on the roofs of the U.S. embassies in Tel Aviv, Madrid, Moscow, Beijing, Berlin and Stockholm.

“In all of the cases, it seems as though the ‘cubes,’ while appearing as part of the structure, are actually construction supplements. If the findings of Der Spiegel are correct, then the US intelligence agency’s listening devices are dispersed around the world,” Ma’ariv reported."

There is so much more than this.... this is flurries.. the iceberg isn't even in sight

Can we start calling it the U.S. Stupidity Agency?

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