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How Many Friends Can Your Brain Handle? - Scientific American

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SAN DIEGO — Being a social butterfly just might change your brain: In people with a large network of friends and excellent social skills, certain brain regions are bigger and better connected than in people with fewer friends, a new study finds.

But is it good for the brain? Unclear.

What I took from the article is that it is VERY good for brain, if only because it makes the different parts of the brain "sing together."

This is interesting. This is the 5th or 6th article I've seen this month where they've done a study on behavior X changes your brain.  Everything from taking music lessons as a kid [1] to proper stomach bacteria [2] to fizzy drinks [3] to wheat/carbs/gluten [4] to pr0n. [5]

There must be a new scientific research branch that is studying these effects. 






I think positive brain improvements (aka "brain hacks") are of interest to a lot of people.

Everyone from the continual improvement ("kaizen") movement to those who want a The Singularity.

Tina, thank you for your perspective.

And Greg, thanks for those articles.

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