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The Simple Way to Impress Anyone in Your Life | The Daily Muse

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Another proof of the value of thank you notes!

I agree that handwritten notes are important.

I do sometimes struggle with how to close a thank you note:

How should I end the note?

There are numerous options: sincerely, warmly, best, regards, love, and more. And nothing is right or wrong—simply use what you feel comfortable with based on your relationship with the person. For example, if it’s my father’s friend, I would most likely put “sincerely,” but to my father, I’ll write “love.” If you’re still not sure, I’m always a fan of “warmly” and “all the best.” Both closings portray affection, but without awkwardness.

My favorite ways to close are "much love" and "cheers".

I find that putting "much" in front of the "love" makes it less awkward.

And "cheers" works well in a lot of situations, too.

I totally agree. I am Brazilian and we lack that habit when networking here, but i am trying to change that! I highly recommend reading "A simple act of gratitude" by John Kralik, an inspiring book about that subject.

Thank you for that book recommendation, Juliana!

I also like these tips from the article you stashed:

When should I send it?

I’ve always been taught that you should write within two weeks of receiving a gift or attending an event—though there are very different schools of thought (Emily Post’s Etipedia only gives you 2-3 days!). Of course, better late than never certainly applies here (see Emily Post’s video on the matter), but writing sooner not only has etiquette benefits, it also helps you remember details that can be included in your note.

Also, remember that weddings have a slightly different rule, and brides are given up to three months to thank their friends and family for gifts.

How should I address it?

Handwritten thank-you notes are by nature traditional, so it’s always nice to start with “Dear,” instead of just the person’s name (or “hello”—this isn’t email!).

What should I write?

In general, be thoughtful, be thankful, and most importantly—be genuine. Think about what you’d say out loud to thank the person you’re writing to, then translate those words onto paper, aiming for about four sentences.

Depending on what you’re saying thanks for, each type of thank-you note can take a slightly different message.

Simple acts of gratitude. Nice.

And handwritten has that extra touch.

Check out a company called Bond, with a mobile app -- -- you type out a small note on your phone, and they have a card and handwriting machine that will print and mail the physical note. Try it, I use it all the time.

I just downloaded Bond. Found it a great idea, plus it is a beautiful app, but they do not deliver outside US, I live and work in Brazil. But thanks anyway, i will pass it on to my american friends! 

Semil, I did check out and it does what you said, but...

I can't help but think that the recipient can tell the difference between a machine note and a handwritten note.

What if it's written in real ink, not laser jet?

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