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After You Overeat: What to Do to Get Back on Track

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“Most people overeat somewhere between 500 and 1,500 calories every single day,” Dollar says. “If they don’t consciously think about their dietary intake every day, they will be overweight.”

You overeat for one day; let’s get back on track again. Let’s be more conscious of our portion sizes the next day.”

What we have to learn is that we are giving ourselves permission to do this, and as soon as it’s over, we should go back to the eating plan we normally follow. This does not give us permission to continue to overeat and binge.”

So the key if we fall off the wagon is to get right back on it?

Be mindful and conscious of everything we do.

Now and always. 

Fast.  It improves all your physiological baselines, palate sensitivities to taste sensations of simple fare and shrinks your appetite.  

In other words, if you're overeating, make a better wagon cause the one you're riding is shaking you off...

There are many ways to fast. 5 examples:

Self compassion is a big part of this. 

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