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Compassion Marketing


Because of a recent discussion by Adam Rifkin I watched some UpWorthy videos. 

Three is a lot of compassion marketing. You cannot sell compassion it is free.  I can use positive or negative emotion to drive views to my marketing content but either way I am selling something. 

This long video is ultimately selling Soul Pancakes video content creation ability. It is a long advertisement and should be stated as such.  I watched a very good World Health org video on depression (black dog cartoon) but didn't know it until the very end, it could have been a drug company after 4 minutes of being hooked. 

The argument about UpWorthy is it is a left wing propaganda site, that is a fair argument if you anti reproductive health rights. 

Don't get me wrong, I am a devout socialist, I am not critical of the content but the behavioral technique that can be used by anyone.

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What is Thankaday?Thankaday is a free service that helps you notice and remember the good things in your life.

Why should I use Thankaday?You should use Thankaday because it’s fun, free, and will help you be a happier and healthier person.

Who built Thankaday?Thankaday is built by a small group of entrepreneurs, designers, and developers based in Los Angeles who are passionate about building things that make people happy.

What will this cost me?

i am thinking your mind. 

A journal is always a fine idea. 

I logged into thankaday and get two emails 

thankaday2362Woohoo! Thankaday appreciates you and just shared the following post:December 8th, 2013:“Hey Mark, today we’re thankful for YOU! Our goal at Thankaday is to help you notice and record the good things in your life in an easy and fun way, and this would be a lot harder for us to do if you hadn’t just signed up :) We’re working hard on improving the site, but please don’t hesitate to email us at[email protected] if you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions.”— Thankaday

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I deleted them off of my apps and wrote them that I found their site annoying. I really don't care if someone is thankful for an electric blanket or grocery shopping. 

And shortly there after

thankadayHi Mark, don’t forget to record one thing today -- something big or small -- that you’re thankful for. Studies show that if you do this for three weeks you’ll feel significantly happier, your immune system will be strengthened, and other people will like you more. Pretty neat, huh?

To post a thanks, simply reply to this email with your message in the body and up to one photo attachment. As a reminder, posts submitted via email are visible only to you, unless you’ve changed your preferences in the Settings tab.

We think you’re cool!

— Team Thankaday

P.S. Already a gratitude ninja and don’t want a daily reminder? You can change your preferences under the “settings” tab at or unsubscribe.

Copyright © 2012 Thankaday, Inc. — All rights reserved. Privacy Policy

Gratitude Ninja, are you freaking kidding me?

Yeah, their app is obnoxiously cheerful.

But a gratitude journal you keep for yourself seems good to me.

To their credit, the founder wrote me back. 

I doubt he was ready for this response. 

I am a teacher of Tibetan Buddhism.  I live a life of spirituality, prayer, gratitude and understanding the human mind as it relates to the end of suffering and as we say the happiness that is beyond suffering and happiness. 

My teachers and their families have been imprisoned, tortured and even killed for practicing happiness.  

Gratitude Ninja!

You cannot be serious.