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It is not our products that are toxic, it is your mind. Don't let what you know to be true win over our advertising. 

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Isn't part of the problem that the brain has chemical feedback loops that cause addiction to the point where the human can't quite control the craving?

Our brains were built to survive scarcity but now we need to learn to survive abundance.

There is no inherent "craving" without the object of craving feeding the delusional thought. 

As you know my view is the mind is primordially pure and naturally does not want beyond the minimal needs. 

Addiction and craving arises from delusion, thinking something that is poison is helpful.  But even if you clear the delusion there exists the memory of previously wrong belief.  

If there is no object of craving it will dissolve on its own. 

The job of a marketer is to convince you what they have is helpful in some regard and once the seed is planted constantly remind you of the object of the thought.  Not allowing for the delusion to dissolve. 

After college I stopped eating fast food. I realized it not to be food. I have not in the slightest bit desired it for 25 years.  There is no marketing that could get me into a McDonalds. It is not a question of how it makes me feel, but rather what I believe to be true. It would not kill me to smoke meth, but it is poison. 

Menthol cigs are not medicine for a sore throat like they said and cocoa krispies don't protect children from swine flu. 


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