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The Case Against Multivitamins Grows Stronger : NPR

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Recent studies have shown that too much beta carotene and vitamin E can cause cancer, and it's long been known that excess vitamin A can cause liver damage, coma and death. That's what happened to Arctic explorers when they ate too much polar bear liver, which is rich in vitamin A.

And i was so very much attached to my vitamins! Anyone?

The studies are correct. Most health supplements are a waste of money:

It's a shame that some supplements do harm. That violates the "first do no harm" baseline. 

See also this infographic on which supplements are snake oil:

I love love love this INTERACTIVE MAP at your second link, Adam.  Glad to see probiotics at the top!

Yeah, lots of probiotics studies suggest that not only are they good but we really should use antibiotics very sparingly if at all as a last resort. 

Vitamin D is probably the most important finding, especially since most people test chronically low for it and it's impossible to overdose on it or incur negative side effects from consuming excess amounts, unlike other vitamins.

More sunlight for all!

Thanks Juliana. More time in the sun sounds like a good idea.

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