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Why every man needs a butcher

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Well, and even the Dudepins page doesn't have a link, just the image.

The image isn't interesting. It's kind of wtf.

The link, however, is quite interesting. It's a GQ article from 2009 on why it's good to get to know your butcher, and things to keep in mind as you step up to the counter:

The point of the article is that if you don't know a lot about meat, a good butcher will want to teach you:

"After some basic questions (budget, ambitions, skills), the butcher gave us a short tutorial, steering us away from bland tenderloins to more flavorful New York strips. Then he explained how to sear the meat, how to let it rest. He gave us a bag of coarse salt mixed with cracked pepper. As he spoke, he jotted the instructions down on a piece of paper, and when he handed us our steaks, he told us to come back and tell him how it went."

like a good jeweler, too...

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