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The Women I’ve Backed | Resolute Ventures

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I'd like to see a list like this on EVERY venture capitalist's page. :) Good job ladies, good job Mike.

"Without any agenda to back women, during the first two years of my current fund I’ve had the privilege of backing 11 women founders, and I’d stack this group of entrepreneurs up against just about any in the business."

11 women founders is more than some notable venture capital funds have backed in a decade.

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I've thought about this some more. 

It's particularly meaningful of Resolute Ventures to talk about the women they've funded because it contrasts the YCombinator stereotype that successful founders should have been hacking since they were 13. Resolute demonstrates there are plenty of great founders who do not have that background. 

This is beautiful! I am sharing this wt people here in Brazil! When i talked to an accelerator recently, i asked about how many women they had doing business wt them, they said none. I can't wait for that reality to change. Thanks for sharing, Joyce :)

Two years later I still can't wait for that reality to change.

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