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5 Time management tricks I learned from years of hating Tim Ferriss | Penelope Trunk Blog

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Hilarious. HT to Tim O'Reilly for the tweet.

@PenelopeTrunk doesn't really hate him for his accelerated learning.

She hates Tim Ferriss because:

1. He lied to her and manipulated her in Don’t hang out with people who don’t respect your time.

2. He spammed her blog until she told him to quit in Cut to the chase: Tell people who are full of shit that they’re full of shit.

3. He spammed her email inbox with automatic spambots in Self-centered people are more likely to waste your time.

4. He played maddening semantic games on her in Productivity is about meeting your goals, not getting out of doing work.

5. He trivialized their relationship and wasted lots of her time in Time management is about making time to connect with people.

Ultimately, Penelope has it right: Relationships matter to normal people:

Tim is all about time management for achievement and winning. But there are not trophies or measurements for relationships. There is only that feeling that someone is kind. And good. And truly connected.

So she learned from him as a bad example.

How can she hate this guy and promote him at the same time?

It's a love-hate relationship.

She loves the player but hates the game.

J.D. Moyer puts it best:

Penelope can be thought of as kind of an anti-Tim Ferriss. Where Tim looks for simplicity and optimization, Penelope looks for conflict and doubt. Tim polishes his image and generally presents his best side, while Penelope shares her angst, personal failings, and relationship problems. Tim offers advice about how to minimize work and maximize play, while Penelope takes as a given that adults need to put in 8 hours of daily work, and focuses on the question of “Whose working life do you want?”

So, who do I want to take advice from? A borderline-narcissistic tango-spin record holder, or a neurotic Jew with Asperger’s syndrome?

It turns out, J.D. Moyer wants advice from both.

And btw, Tim Ferriss can dish it out, too.

Check out his Practical Tactics for dealing with haters.

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