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Advice for Marissa Mayer:

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Sriram wrote an excellent top ten list of advice for Marissa Mayer, new Chief Yahoo.

This one's my favorite:

No roadmaps from product teams looking out over 6 months. Make a poster with the words “We ship code, not slide decks” and circulate it with product management.

This one's my second favorite:

Make a huge sign with the phrase ‘the premier digital media company’. Then make a video of you running a bulldozer over it crushing that sign. No one knows what that phrase means. Come up with a goal that people can actually visualize and isn’t meaningless corporate mumbobjumbo. Here’s a suggestion - “A Yahoo app on every home screen”.

But really, all ten are worth reading.

Hopefully Hacker News will have interesting additional comments.

Actually, you wouldn't believe how much advice is floating around the Web today.

CNN offers six pieces of advice Marissa would give herself. Nice start.

Marc Andreessen told Marissa to cut 10,000 jobs and focus on products.

Several ex-Yahoos told BusinessInsider that she should slash the payroll.

Chris Copeland of AdAge says that Yahoo should focus on partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Hulu, and Microsoft and invest in IntoNow and Axis.

Kara Swisher suggests that Marissa bring Yahoo back to focus on mobile.

Ingrid Lunden at TechCrunch also suggested Yahoo focus on mobile.

Chris O'Brien at the Merc says Yahoo should focus on social.

And then there's more generic advice like this one-CEO-to-another from Deborah Sweeney:

You Don’t Need To Say “No”. And you don’t need to say “yes” to everything either. Say “when?” instead. Not everything has to be right now. Sometimes new ideas, no matter how open and willing to try them at the time you may be, don’t always work out as planned. Just because it didn’t go according to plan now doesn’t mean things won’t change later. Revisit the ideas later on and be willing to stay open minded and ready for a challenge in both the here and now.

Surround Yourself With Good People, Eat Well, and Exercise.

That's sound advice, but pretty generic.

Sriram Krishnan's advice is much more interesting because it's so specific.

Nicholas Carlson of BusinessInsider suggests Marissa pay attention to how others see her. Good advice.

Kristi Lou Stout of CNN's advice is to remember work-life balance. Generic.

Similarly, the advice from Emma Keller of The Guardian is pretty generic, too.

The only thing I learned from reading that article is that Marissa can't cook...

Last and certainly least, my own advice is actually more of a plea not to kill Sportacular. That's my favorite iPhone app. Also, please make Flickr awesome again.


Agree with Opensource comments, thought Yahoo spawned HortonWorks, the absoluet best opensource project on the face of the planet.

Plus, Yahoo has been a tremendous supporter of PHP over the years, if I recall correctly.

Oooo...I hate PHP with a passion.

Yahoo has been a huge supporter of JavaScript over the years, too.

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