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15 Life Secrets of Wildly Successful People – College Fashion

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1. Successful people commit.

2. They dream big, but create manageable goals – and write them down!

3. They take chances and try new things.

4. They don’t fear failure.

5. They learn to say no.

6. They take breaks.

7. They take care of themselves.

8. They know confidence comes from within.

9. They adapt.

10. They ask questions and never stop learning.

11. They surround themselves with supportive, like-minded people.

12. They accept constructive criticism and let unwarranted, destructive criticism roll off of their shoulders.

13. They aren’t afraid to promote themselves.

14. They make to-do lists.

15. They put in the work.

16. They achieve something first thing in the morning.

Successful people seem to front load their days, I've noticed.Β 

What does "front load" mean in this context?

Put the hardest/most important tasks at the front/top of your todo list/schedule.

Thank goodness the most important tasks aren't always the hardest ones.

17. They live for a purpose bigger than themselves and one that benefits others.

If all the goals are achieved, but the only beneficiary was self, I'm not sure they will feel all that successful? Daniel Pink talks about the fundamental human drivers being autonomy, mastery and purpose. It seems we should add purpose to the list.